Shalom  brothers and sisters,


My name is Zechr'yah, I was born in a Muslim family in the middle east, I did come to know our adonai  Yahushua  when I was a young man in age of 16 years old, I did spend time in many Christian churches in my father land, savoring a lot for accepting Yahushua as  my personal savior, as every Muslim who’s chose the truth .

Spending many years in the church, did brought a lot of confusion to me, I could never understand why this people go Sunday to church if they claimed to follow the Master who’s keep Shabbat on Saturday, why they eating forbidden food even they know that he the Master never done, or what all this feast days about, Yahushua never born on 25 December. For other teaching like trinity, scriptures never talk about  that!!

I couldn’t really find him in this churches, and start to lose faith, later I start to study again ,and pray again, I came to know many truth about the torah  ,the holy name of our G-D, reality of our Master and savior Yahushua ha Messiah  ,the identity  of  end time best ,the real Hebrew Y’sraelites! I start weekly Shabbat service at home.

Then I did come to know Rabbi Shimon, I was so glad when  I found many common thoughts between us, and start to translate the HTHS Hebraic Study bible to Arabic , which is now already done with the NT complete, and start with rabbinic study  hope to serve our Elohim and people of Yisrael.

YHWH Elohim did bless me with my family which also keeps Torah and teaching of our Master and savior Yahushua Ha messiah.