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Dated this day 26th February 2009


The Dossier on Walid Shoebat, his real name Walid Salameh, a wolf exposed!!!



It is with much sadness and regret that we have to publish this information to protect innocent Christians out there from being deceived by this man!

Rabbi Simon knew this person well in the early days of his own conversion and worked with him for a few years on his first book. They initially worked on the doctrine of the Islamic end time beast together which Walid brought to the attention of Rabbi Simon and after much exhaustive work done by Rabbi Simon, that Walid later claimed as his own, a lot of hard work in editing the material and research material was from Rabbi Simon's wife who worked in the research phase under the guidance of Rabbi Simon collating, collecting and putting together of researched information.  Walid and Simon then decided to publish the book This is our Eden, This is our End which is now out of print, to enable the people out there to see the truth.  The book was soon drawn out of the market at the direction of Walid because his manager a Jewish man named Keith Davies, who deliberately embellishes the stories of alleged terrorists to make money and decided that he needed to make money with Walid's story which I can testify has also been embellished for sales a few times over because Walid was not a terrorist and received the Bible truth from his American mother which he regularly lies about.  So on the advice of Keith Davies, Walid pulled out all ties with Rabbi Simon knowing that Simon was not about to stand by and let them continue in their publicly orchestrated charade in which all Muslims were put down as evil terrorists and even Moderate Muslims were being condemned to eternal tortures of hell by this duo. 

Walid is a convert in his early days to Christianity through his American mother who was married to his now deceased father who lived in Israel for many years where she taught Walid Christianity, which he claims no one taught him.  He wanted to be an ex-Terrorist to make money, pure and simple because the story sells especially after 9/11.  Rabbi Simon personally made trips to Israel and found no terrorist connection of Walid, in fact all the parties that were known to us there, no one even recognized him by that name.

Rabbi Simon appeared in some TV shows together with him  earlier also but later decided it was not prudent to work with him as Walid's motives were purely to exalt himself, raise the Zionist Jews make as much cash as possible, and he did not care who he trampled in the process especially Muslims or even Christians.  Intrinsically he believed all Muslims deserve hell and deserve no mercy, which is what irked Rabbi Simon and displeased him because this kind of ideology feeds in the camp of rightwing haters of Islam because no distinction is made between a good Muslim and a radical Muslim.

This was what caused the parting of their ways for Walid's love of money. He was also jealous of Rabbi Simon and knew his ex wife to whom he wrote emails to divorce the Rabbi because he was no good simply because he did not want to align with Walid's nefarious plans.  

Rabbi Simon's problems started with Walid when he was using the media to promote his own agenda namely selling books and DVDs and painting all the Palestinians as evil people. Naturally Rabbi Simon told Walid while it is not wrong to sell books, but he should not be calling all Palestinians radicals considering his own father was a Palestinian and so were his brothers.

Walid on the other hand really had no life change experience after his alleged conversion and hence wanted to cajole Jewish people and Jewish media about radicals and how he could promote the right wing agenda of Zionism.  This can be seen from the content of his speeches. Just Google on YouTube and you can see them. This then made Walid angry and upset so he went slandering Rabbi Simon with false accusations.

Walid's manager would charge high dollar for speeches of alleged former terrorists. The sum charged by Keith Davies was around $4000 a speech. 

It was then a cause of jealousy and hatred at this point that they decided to do a hate campaign against Rabbi Simon first distancing themselves from Rabbi Simon and later this came to insulting and intimidation tactics.  So Walid Salameh with his co-conspirators including Joel Richardson, which a pseudo name at Joel Trumpets (an ex Catholic), ( started making statements slandering Rabbi Simon Altaf  as early as 2008 about his beliefs.  

Slandering is a sin in the Bible but these individuals treat this like a game but these individuals could not care less as their motive was money.

Joel's book here Antichrist is a plagiarized work of both Rabbi Simon and Walid Shoebat.  Back in 2005/6 Joel wrote to Rabbi Simon asking for his help, but now Joel's memory has lapsed about the work he stole and he forgets Rabbi Simon provided him with information and materials at that time which he now claims as his own.  He even used material that was written in Rabbi Simon's books and called it his and gave credit to Mr Shoebat instead.  It was not Mr Shoebat's work entirely because both Rabbi Simon and Walid worked on it together before the publishing of their first book, which took two years of Bible research, study and prayer back in the year 2001-2002.  This is our Eden, This is our End

Walid thought he was being smart but could not outsmart Rabbi Simon so he retorted to speaking lies against him and vilifying him in public, then behind Simon's back started to communicate with his wife and subtly put him down because of his views on plural marriage in the Torah and the patriarchs of Israel and he then started guiding Rabbi Simon's now ex-wife about carrying out divorce against Rabbi Simon telling her he was an evil man for believing in plural marriage. This plural marriage business stemmed from a debate Rabbi Simon had with Walid in 1999, in which he defeated Walid in a private discussion and Walid seeing that he was humiliated privately with some Christians had not got over his humiliation tried to deride polygamy as some kind of evil. This is considering he himself came from this background where his Muslim relatives practiced this. 

He called Rabbi Simon a false prophet and used polygamy against him as a weapon, while the Patriarchs practiced polygamy and were considered right-ruling men of God. And the whole world knows Israel also known as Jacob, fathered twelve children out of four wives whom God called right-ruling, and Jacob's children God called My inheritance.

Deut 14:2 (KJV) For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God, and the LORD hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth

Walid couldn’t get any lower, so he acquired Rabbi Simon's work address and pretending to be Rabbi Simon's wife wrote to Simon's employer in London making false accusations in an email against him about having two wives which of course Rabbi Simon did not have at the time so that he would get fired from his employment.  This became an opportunity for Rabbi Simon to tell his employer of the work he had done in Pakistan to make a synagogue. 

In the ensuing hatred campaign that Walid had generated alongside other Christians who were writing on Joel's blog they wrote e-mails to Rabbi Simon's wife telling her to divorce her husband totally destroying his marriage.  Rabbi Simon tried very hard to convince his wife of the lies that were weaved against him but sadly his ex-wife still decided to follow through with the divorce accusing her husband of all sorts of ills. Does that remind us of Job?

This turned out to be a time of testimony because the dirty schemes from the father of lies (Satan) who Walid serves were caught by his employer and after investigation Rabbi Simon was exonerated in his role.   Which man of God would destroy another's family and home?  Walid indeed did all of this.  Rabbi Simon put all these things to one side and put everything in God's hands.

Walid exchanged e-mails from Keith Davies's account also known as Qalman using his email address on 30th July 2008 to Rabbi Simon mocking him, see excerpt below. He had his ex wife phone Revelation TV and speak the lies to them also who then pulled his show from TV.




Cheer up lad, you sound too serious, what you needed was a pronouncement of your new wedding. The next plan is to invite Moshe Konichowsky and every polygamist Rabbi for a festival. Yes, what we need is a wedding. Can you imagine a bunch of Koinichowskies dancing for your wedding: 

 The other option of course is an American style Red-Neck wedding:

 And since you lost Revelation TV, you might want to begin your own show. I have it all arranged, here is a preview:

 Now to your serious letter -- man, I was so toutched,[spelling left unchanged as original email] lighten up a little, will ya, you sound too proclamational, judgmental and ...I don't know how to put it, but I think you have been watching too much Moses movies and you act like you are parting the Red sea when in fact the only thing you parted was your marriage. Wake up Simon. This is all in your head.


As can be seen this man mocks even Moses the great prophet of God.  He mocks Rabbi Simon for losing his marriage of seventeen years and then helped to destroy his second marriage.  This is how a supposed Christian behaves.

Walid attacked Rabbi Simon here also known as Joel Richardson, by calling him all sorts of evil and having a good Christian bash and laugh about this. He also put a youtube video mocking him pretending to be a Muslim. That can be searched on youtube.

You can see the attack at the above link on Joel’s forum and how many other Christians also joined in their foolishness to bash Rabbi Simon.

We see how Walid and Joel perverted God’s law and started promoting Christian orthodoxy by bashing Rabbi Simon with other Christians.  The only man who did not join this crowd to protest his alleged crime was Rabbi Simon.  Even a guilty man is given a chance of two witnesses.  These two false witnesses Walid and Joel Richardson raised against Rabbi Simon.  The two of them did not even have the courage to declare their true names yet Mohammed Altaf now Rabbi Simon Altaf has never kept a pseudo name so who is the one with the courage?  Walid who always hides behind his bodyguards or Rabbi Simon who never takes a bodyguard?

Yet we see on Joel’s so called “throne of justice” pronouncements being made against right-ruling Torah loving men of God.

The only one who was not slandering and defending himself was Rabbi Simon because he does not need to and it can be seen above on the forum please take a look and see how these people enjoy speaking evil against men of God.

Joel is from a Catholic background, we can see why he would have an axe to grind against a Torah believer since it was the Catholics who put them to jail and flight while we do not think all Catholics are evil but we always have the bad apples such as Joel.  Needless to point out 19,000 Catholics made a stand against Hitler and lost their lives to save Jews from the holocaust.

This is Walid’s way of loving his brothers by hating them and publicly slandering them as long as he can make money.  He is known for this as can be seen of what he did with Debbie below and the coward won’t even admit it was him slandering her by hiding behind an e-mail and a false name of a woman.  This is his typical behaviour, he has done this to other people too. He has since this time written numerous times in emails to Rabbi Simon pretending to be other people always trying to slander him. As can be seen his hatred has no bounds.

Rabbi Simon can confirm that e-mail address he used with Debbie was of Walid Salameh pretending to be Sandra.  Rabbi Simon knows this because he has communicated with Walid on this e-mail address several times before.

As for polygamy in the ancient church

[1]At the council of Toledo, in A.D. 400, it was ordered, by canon seventeenth, that every Christian that had both a wife and a concubine should be excommunicated; but he should not be excommunicated who had only a concubine without a wife.  At the fourth council of Carthage, A.D. 401, it was ordered, by canon seventieth, that all bishops, priests, and deacons, who had wives, must repudiate them, and live in celibacy, under penalty of deposition from office. Pope Innocent I., about A.D. 412, in his official letter to the two bishops of Abruzzo, orders them to depose those priests who had been guilty of the crime of having children since their ordination. Thus the seeds of Gnostic error, that had been sown in the church during the former periods of its history, now sprang up anew, and bore a plentiful harvest.

[1] The History and Philosophy of Marriage, Or, Polygamy and Monogamy Compared 1869 page 132 by James Campbell

The above is proof that before this council met, polygamy as we know it in the Bible was accepted and allowed in the Christian Church or we should say tolerated until Gnostic men could not tolerate it any longer by calling everything Israelite evil.

Now coming back to Mr Salameh.

We investigated everything about him and found the following discrepancies:

¨     He had embellished his testimony; much of the information could not be verified back in Israel, Rabbi Simon personally went to Beit Sahour and found no terrorist connections there for Walid.

¨     He was never a terrorist working for the PLO.  The only terrorism he ever did was putting up posters against Israel.

¨     There is no record of him blowing up Bank Leumi which he claims.  Rabbi Simon personally went to Israel to investigate Walid and found no account of such events that he claims to have perpetrated. Rabbi Simon has Palestinian Muslims friends who made enquiries and came back with nothing.

Walid’s brand of particularly vitriolic hatred against the Palestinian people is self evident, because he wants them ALL removed from the land of Israel supporting Zionism.   

Exodus 12:49  (KJV) One law shall be to him that is home born, and unto the foreigner that sojourneth among you.

If God wanted foreigner’s such as the Palestinians removed then why give one Law for both?

Yet, there are many Palestinian people in the land of Israel who are not terrorists and neither want anything to do with Hamas or PLO.   The ordinary Palestinians in the annexed state of Israel called Palestine is only trying to earn a living and not fight a jihad as Walid falsely claims. 

He paints them ALL as jihadis ,which is an outright lie and totally false.  Statistically only 15% of the Muslim world is radical while more than a billion followers of Allah are not radicals as yet and can be proven by going to various Muslim nations.  Out of these 15% only 5% take up the sword.

I invite anyone to go over to the Palestinian regions in Israel and spend some time with the Palestinians in Bethlehem, in Ramallah and in Jericho and see how many are terrorists.  We have been there and found the ordinary Palestinians there peace loving which wanted to end the bloodshed, the killing of innocent Palestinian people in the crossfire that rages on daily.  We spoke to Palestinians in Jerusalem in fact Rabbi Simon even stayed with a Muslim Palestinian family in Israel much to the chagrin of the Israeli authorities who could not quite understand how a Rabbi can stay with Muslims!  It certainly did happen and these Muslims that Rabbi Simon stayed with are very loving and peaceful people, may God increase them and give them the true light.

You can see the interview of this person Zak Anani and Walid Shoebat and hear from Walid's own lips what he says that he got changed by reading history on  These words are from his own lips.  Nobody forced him to say that.  It wasn't the Palestinians and or the Christians forcing their agenda.

Please read Walid’s testimony below, where he makes contradictory statements that he said in his testimony of being converted by reading prophecy books of Grant Jeffrey’s, so which is it?  Jeffrey’s or reading history books?  Again we are not sure of this contradictory stand! 

Read below,  Walid tells you a completely different story where he claims to have read the Bible, while in the interviews on Fox News he says he learnt to change from reading history.  Why would a person lie about this when we are clearly told in the Torah not to propagate a falsehood.  Only if that person is one such as Mr Walid, who does not honour Torah or the prophets, since he was mocking Moses above.

Exodus 23:7 “Keep yourself far from a false matter.”

Read his testimony where he admits to reading a prophecy book by Grant Jeffrey, yet in the interview with Fox he lied and said he was changed by history and by reading various articles.

Sometime in 1992 I was fascinated when I read a book titled "Armageddon, Appointment With Destiny", by Grant Jeffrey. Some of the things explained in This book had many detailed prophecies about Jesus: his birth, life, death and resurrection; and the re-creation of the state of Israel. Many of these prophecies came to pass just as God put them down in the Bible! What also amazed me, is to find out that the chances for a man to predict hundreds of historic events written hundreds and thousands of years before their occurrences are one in zillions... what is more fascinating is that the margin of error had to be zero, especially when the fulfillment of many of these prophecies are happening in my generation. This kind of evidence had to come from a divine origin, that origin had to be God Almighty.

 There is evidence from his own testimony. But, on TV he won’t admit this and he gives credit to history books.  Why hide the obvious?

The struggle began, I was puzzled, how could the Bible be a fake and corrupted by the Jews if the land I grew in spoke and cried out, as thousands of pieces of archaeological evidence surfaced from the land of Israel, confirming the Bible, and the book of Isaiah was discovered in the Qumran caves was by a Muslim next town from Bethlehem by the name of (Muhammad Deib), he was looking for a lost sheep, from that discovery they found the rest of the Old Testament which confirming the Old Testament Bible in our hands today with hundreds of verses predicting the coming of Jesus Christ.

I had to read the Bible to know who Jesus really is to find out for myself, and God finally led me to get to the bottom line, I started reading what Jesus said:

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, who was and is to come, the Almighty". Revelation 1:8

Christ also said to the Jews:

Truly, truly I say to you; before Abraham was born I AM (God. John 8:58

But here is what he does not want to admit in front of the public.

I had to read the Bible to know who Jesus really is to find out for myself, and God finally led me to get to the bottom line, I started reading what Jesus said:

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, who was and is to come, the Almighty". Revelation 1:8

Christ also said to the Jews:

Truly, truly I say to you; before Abraham was born I AM (God). John 8:58

He claims to be a convert from reading history; the interviews can be seen on by typing Walid Shoebat.  He was on Fox News where he never once made any statement that he ever had a heart change by Jesus.  Clearly this is a confused man whose heart is still wicked.

Now this man runs his own website with Keith Davies taking donations in the name of Top Executive Media. The two are out to make $$$ as setting up their Walid Shoebat foundation each year they have made around $600,000. This is the price this man has for his soul to be sold to the devil.

Walid personally told Simon that on each university visit they charge $4000 per speaker and Keith gets 25%, while Walid gets the rest. Of course, Keith is no downer he has a million dollar home to maintain in Pennsylvania and the price of truth for him is 25% from each speaking engagement. 

So is this lucrative and good business?  We will let you decide that. On the contrary when Rabbi Simon goes to speak about his conversion or the Bible Truths he charges no money and offers the service FREE.

If Walid was so fervent for the truth then why is he charging the universities a fee of $4000 for each visit? Why charge the Air force Academy $13,000, why not do it for a nominal fee and air tickets only? 

Of course if this was really about truth then it would never be about money.

Here is what was said by someone else about the Walid Shoebat foundation:

[1]And the Walid Shoebat Foundation's working process is less than transparent, with Shoebat's claim that it is registered as a charity in the state of Pennsylvania being denied by the Pennsylvania State Attorney's Office

We do know it is about showmanship and good business acumen of Keith Davies also known as Qalman promoting would be ex-terrorists whose stories do not line up, so he embellishes them a little here and little there to make the $$$ role in. 

No ex-terrorist worth an ounce would put down his own family and this is a fact.  When we first found out about Keith Davies, a few years ago we recommended a Christian who came out of the ranks of the German Reich to hire Keith as a manager to tell the world about what the Nazis did and how they convinced the German population to turn against the Jewish people and many good Christians and Catholics too.  However, this Christian gentleman soon left Keith Davies because he found his tactics to be underhanded because Keith was trying to embellish his story and telling lies.

Walid also claims to help persecuted Christians in Pakistan, Rabbi Simon who built a synagogue in Pakistan spoke to many Christians regarding this if this was true of Walid. None in Pakistan recognised the name Walid Shoebat so Walid has been taking donations for a cause he claims but none there know about it.

Here you can see that the Michigan University pulled their budget for the two speakers for March 2009.

WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY FACES FREE SPEECH SCANDAL: University Rescinds Grant Approved In Writing By Appropriations Committee And Finance Director

A Speaking Event to be held at Western Michigan University on March 10th 2009, which includes two former terrorists Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem who speak regularly on University campuses about the threat of Islamic terrorism, has been threatened with cancellation due to the pulling of grants, which were allocated by the University.

Walid Shoebat and Keith Davies are both available for interviews on this subject.

The grant of $8311 was passed 4 to 1 by the appropriations committee of the WSA (student activities administration of Western Michigan University). The grant approval was also sent in writing and signed by the finance director of the WSA. On Thursday evening Feb 19, the organizers of the event on campus received an email from the WSA revoking the grant because of a technicality.

You can go and see his website above. He has no room there for his testimony!!! We wonder why!

CNN did an expose on Walid Shoebat too and ever since that time he has been slandering CNN. Now that does not surprise us. You can find the interviews of CNN on youtube just google CNN and Walid Shoebat.

But here is what he said when he got saved in his early days when he wasn't seeing $$$ in his eyes....

Even the death of that Muslim prophet was different than the death of Jesus, as Mohammed died on his favorite wife's lap "Aisha" while Jesus died on the cross in order to redeem man's sins.

I felt sad that hundreds of millions of Muslims today live without ever hearing or being challenged with this kind of evidence.

He does not talk about the Bible in his TV interviews or about the Saviour as he feels ashamed to admit the truth in front of the Media world.  This is clear hypocrisy!

Yet read what he says in his testimony here....

I was blind, but with the Bible only I began to see, I mean really SEE !!!,

Why can't he admit that on TV today?

Here he admits it was the God of Israel that opened his eyes...

God opened my heart and mind and led me to see how people today deny all the proofs he provided for us in his word, and adapting themselves to false forms of worship.

So why are his eyes now being closed by mammon $$$$?

It has been proven that his attacks on Rabbi Simon Altaf were simply due to jealousy and unwanted hatred.

Rabbi Simon's work is fully available in black and white; this man has lived a life for God including losing his marriage of seventeen years from his Muslim wife after coming to faith. His testimony can be seen here

The synagogue he built in Pakistan is here for all to see and go and visit and ask the Christians in Pakistan how they have been helped by this one man's brave stand.  See the countless other people he has helped in the various parts of the world.

Rabbi Simon works with real people and real places not ghost places unlike Mr Walid Salameh.

Rabbi Simon did not hide the fact that he believed in Biblical polygamy and has from the day he was saved by Yahushua and all his articles are unashamedly here for all to see and examine with no cloaks and daggers or smoked mirrors unlike Walid Salameh.  When questioned by any he has been always truthful about his stand on Torah standing for all time and the testimony of Yahushua as the Messiah.

All of Rabbi Simon's family can leave him he does not worry over that as he did not choose God for mammon $$$.  All Christians can leave him but he will stand strong for YHWH and it is only YHWH he will proclaim to the end of his days, because it was YHWH that called him in 1998. 

Here is more proof from another lady that Simon has never had any contact with prior to this article, who will tell you her side of Walid's fake story.  Rabbi Simon can confirm that the e-mail address Walid used to slander her is valid and one used by Walid as Rabbi Simon has communicated with Walid on this e-mail in the past.  This is very shocking how he treated this lady and using such bad language.

This is from Debbie Schlussel ( who says the following:

By Debbie Schlussel

[TO MY READERS: I originally wrote the column below in February. But I sat on it and didn't publish it because I feel bad about exposing even this fraud and creep, Walid Shoebat, despite the fact that he's plagiarized from me and harassed me under a fake name using his own e-mail address, and despite the fact that his equally shady manager, Keith Davies, fits a similar bill and has--along with Shoebat--taken to trashing me.

But now that The Jerusalem Post has also exposed the fraudulence and fakery of Mr. Shoebat, I've decided I cannot remain silent on who he really is and his behaviour, any longer. After harassing me, he tried to appear with me at a 9/11 event in Dearborn, and I realized I can no longer hold back. I've thought long and hard about it, but it must be done. The record must be set straight.]

For more please see the link below .. for his fake e-mails as Sandra.

Debbie finishes by this comment:

Recently, Shoebat spoke at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Supposedly, they did a background check on him. But what they should have done was a psychiatric evaluation. Vouching for him was Steven Emerson, who is another similar story and a phony, sad to say (but that's a topic for another day). Birds of a feather.

Again, before all of this, my only connection with Walid Shoebat was to write a positive post about him. I didn't ask him to rip off my work, to then lie to me about it and tell a million different stories, to call me and say, "F-ck You, Bitch!" or to harass me via e-mail for the last two days posing as a woman named "Sandra."


Read that above “F-ck You Bitch!”.    Now you decide is this the language of a Christian?

Below is the evidence from the Jerusalem post a respectable newspaper verifying what we have said earlier.

The Palestinian 'terrorist' turned Zionist
Mar. 30, 2008
jorg luyken , THE JERUSALEM POST

When he was 16, says Walid Shoebat, he was recruited by a PLO operative by the name of Mahmoud al-Mughrabi to carry out an attack on a branch of Bank Leumi in Bethlehem.

At six in the evening he was supposed to detonate a bomb in the doorway of the bank. But when he saw a group of Arab children playing nearby, he says, his conscience was pricked and he threw the bomb onto the roof of the bank instead, where it exploded causing no fatalities.

This is the story that Shoebat, who converted from Islam to Christianity in 1993 and has lived in the United States since the late 1970s, has told on tours around the US and Europe since 9/11 opened the West's public consciousness to the dangers of Islamic extremism.

Shoebat's Web site says his is an assumed name, used to protect him from reprisal attacks by his former terror chiefs, whom he says have put a $10 million price on his head.

Shoebat is sometimes paid for his appearances, and he also solicits donations to a Walid Shoebat Foundation to help fund this work and to "fight for the Jewish people."

The BBC, Fox News and CNN have all presented Shoebat as a terrorist turned peacemaker, interviewing him as someone uniquely capable of providing insight into the terrorist mindset.

Now he and two other former extremists are set to appear along with US Senator Joe Lieberman, Ambassador to the US Sallai Meridor and other notables at an annual "Christians United For Israel" conference in Washington in July.

The three "ex-terrorists" have appeared previously at Harvard and Columbia universities and, most recently, at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado, in February, at a conference whose findings, the organizers said, would be circulated at the Pentagon and among members of Congress and other influential figures.

Last year, Shoebat spoke to the BattleCry Christian gathering in San Francisco, which drew a reported 22,000 evangelical teenagers to what the San Francisco Chronicle described as "a mix of pep rally, rock concert and church service."

The paper described Shoebat as a self-proclaimed "former Islamic terrorist" who said that Islam was a "satanic cult" and who told the crowd how he eventually accepted Jesus into his heart.

However, Shoebat's claim to have bombed Bank Leumi in Bethlehem is rejected by members of his family who still live in the area, and Bank Leumi says it has no record of such an attack ever taking place.

His relatives, members of the Shoebat family, are mystified by the notion of "Walid Shoebat" being an assumed name. And the Walid Shoebat Foundation's working process is less than transparent, with Shoebat's claim that it is registered as a charity in the state of Pennsylvania being denied by the Pennsylvania State Attorney's Office.

Shoebat's claim to have been a terrorist rests on his account of the purported bombing of Bank Leumi. But after checking its files, the bank said it had no record of an attack on its Bethlehem branch anywhere in the relevant 1977-79 period.

Shoebat told The Jerusalem Post that this could be because the bank building was robustly protected with steel and that the attack may have caused little damage.

Asked whether word of the bombing made the news at the time, he said, "I don't know. I didn't read the papers because I was in hiding for the next three days." (In 2004, he had told Britain's Sunday Telegraph: "I was terribly relieved when I heard on the news later that evening that no one had been hurt or killed by my bomb.")

Shoebat could not immediately recall the year, or even the time of year, of the purported bombing when talking to the Post by phone from the US. After wavering, he finally settled for the summer of 1977.

The Sunday Telegraph described Shoebat as a man who "for much of his life... was eager to commit acts of terrorism for the sake of his soul and the Palestinian cause."

In that interview he described how he and his peers were indoctrinated as children "to believe that the fires of hell were an ever-present reality. We were all terrified of burning in hell when we died... The teachers told us that the only way we could certainly avoid that fate was to die in a martyrdom operation - to die for Islam."

But an uncle and a cousin of Shoebat, who still live in Beit Sahur in the Bethlehem area, where Shoebat grew up, said that Shoebat's education was rather mild ideologically, and that religion did not play a dominant role.

The uncle, interviewed at his home, said he remembered little about his nephew, because Walid left for America at the age of 16, and because his American mother always kept a distance from the rest of the family. The uncle and his wife both said firmly that there was no attack on Bank Leumi.

When questioned on this discrepancy, Shoebat was adamant that he did carry out such a bombing, and that his relatives deny it to cover up for another cousin who was with him during the attack and still lives in Bethlehem.

Shoebat evinced no particular surprise that his family could be tracked down simply by asking Beit Sahur locals where they lived, even though his Internet site claims that his is an assumed name.

Shoebat describes his conversion to Christianity as a transformation "from hate to love." He told the Post that he believes "in a Greater Israel that includes Judea and Samaria, and by this I mean a Jewish state."

He argued that Israel should retake the Gaza Strip and rehouse Jews there, regarding Gaza as Jewish by right. "If a Jew has no right to Gaza, then he has no right to Jaffa or Haifa either," he said.

He advocates that the government of Greater Israel introduce a law providing for the exiling of anybody who denies its right to exist, "even if they were born there."

He has little sympathy for the PLO or Hamas. "The Palestinians have not met a single demand from Israel," he said, and added, "Both the PLO and Hamas have not given up the goal of destroying Israel."

"The Jews are not aware of the true threat," Shoebat said. "They are still fighting dead Nazis. It is easy to fight dead people. But they don't have the will to fight the living Nazis, the Islamic radicals."

He told the Post he had set up his Walid Shoebat Foundation to educate Americans as to why the US should support Israel. Shoebat said the foundation had reached out to over 450 million people. He said it held events where he and others like him - whom he called "ex-terrorists" who have become Zionists - spoke about their views to Jewish, Christian and secular audiences.

A New York Times report last month on the Air Force Academy event, headlined "Speakers at Academy Said to Make False Claims," noted that "Academic professors and others who have heard the three men speak in the United States and Canada said some of their stories border on the fantastic, like Mr. Saleem's account of how, as a child, he infiltrated Israel to plant bombs via a network of tunnels underneath the Golan Heights. No such incidents have been reported, the academic experts said. They also question how three middle-aged men who claim they were recruited as teenagers or younger could have been steeped in the violent religious ideology that only became prevalent in the late 1980s."

The Times quoted Prof. Douglas Howard, who teaches the history of the modern Middle East at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as saying after he heard Saleem speak last November at the college that he thought the three were connected to several major Christian evangelical organizations.

"It was just an old time gospel hour: 'Jesus can change your life, he changed mine,'" Howard said.

The professor told the Times that his doubts about the authenticity of the three grew after he heard stories like that of the Golan Heights tunnels, "as well as something on Mr. Saleem's Web site along the lines that he was descended from the grand wazir of Islam. The grand wazir of Islam is a nonsensical term."

The newspaper said Arab-American civil rights organizations have questioned "why, at a time when the United States government has vigorously moved to jail or at least deport anyone with a known terrorist connection, the three men, if they are telling the truth, are allowed to circulate freely."

A spokesman for the FBI, the paper reported, said there were no warrants for their arrest.

The Times said the three men were to be paid $13,000 for the Air Force Academy event.

Visitors to Shoebat's Internet site are encouraged to make a donation to his foundation to enable him to disseminate his message. However, a notice on the page states that for "security reasons," the money will not be debited to his foundation, but rather to a company called Top Executive Media. The name Top Executive Media is used by a greetings card firm from Pennsylvania called Top Executive Greetings, a company with an annual turnover of $500,000. When one makes a donation through the Shoebat Internet site, the Web address changes to

This seems to be the only active page for the company; its homepage is blank.

Asked by the Post whether the Walid Shoebat Foundation is a registered charity, Shoebat replied that it is registered in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania State Attorney's office said it had no record of a charity registered under this name.

Questioned further, Shoebat said it was registered under a different name, but that he was not aware of the details, which are handled by his manager.

"I remain separate to the running of the charity so that I am not constrained by church rules," he explained, adding that the organization's connection to certain churches meant it would be difficult for him to speak to secular audiences if he became too involved in running it.

Dr. Joel Fishman, of the Allegany County Law Library in Pennsylvania, expressed doubts about this donation process. If the money were being given to a registered charity, the charity would have to make annual reports to the state and federal government on how it was being spent, he noted.

Shoebat insisted donations were not being misused, however. "I survive by being an author," he said. "I only get paid for being an author. All the money that is donated gets put back into events."

If the Bank Leumi bombing claim is unfounded, it is unclear why Shoebat would have wanted to manufacture a terrorist past. True or not, however, it has plainly brought him some prominence and provided him with a means to speak in favor of Israel and be paid for doing so.

The question is why is he doing it?  The answer is simpler than we care to believe.  He is making money from Christian ignorance.  Christians should stop being starry eyed and the deception will stop.  This man may be a convert but is not a convert from terrorism or an ex-terrorist background nor even a genuine convert to Christianity.  It is clear he embellished his testimony because he knew he was going to make money out of it.  His actions speak louder than words.  He was converted by his American Christian mother who told him about her saviour, while she lived in Israel with the family.  It was through her actions that Walid was converted but he would never admit that to you unless he repents of his past actions first.  He biological brothers hate him not because he is a convert but because he scammed them out of their inheritance of $400,000.

His late Muslim father who married a Christian woman the poor man died in a nursing home in California not so long ago.  If he was so anti-Christian and anti-West then what was he doing marrying a Christian?  Why did he go and live in the USA if he hated the West? Walid claims that he was brainwashed from childhood.  Only foolish people can believe that a respectable Muslim family will allow their eight year old to be trained for jihad, this is pure fantasy and simply not true.  

Respectable Muslim parents want to make their children doctors and Engineers and not terrorists.   If you want truth then look at me I am a Computer Engineer why not a terrorist like he claims?  My respectable Muslim family did exactly what I stated.  We have many engineers in our family but if you believe Walid then they are all terrorists according to him ready to blow people up!!!

A Christian woman wrote to us saying that respectable families would do this kind of thing and she pointed to Osama Bin Laden as an example.  I would say to this Christian woman that we are not talking about one or two families but as a generalization if out of one hundred families one went into terrorism it does not mean the other ninety nine families are doing likewise the same thing.  What the Christian woamn does not realise is that Osama is the product of the West and not East.  He was not trained as a terrorist but CIA trained him to use him in Lebanon and Croatia but no one will tell you that and after that he turned against the CIA.

His parents did not train him to become a terrorist.  He was also trained by the CIA to fight the war with the Soviets in Kabul and the only thing is that things did not turn out as America wanted and he turned against them. 

We would say Walid’s parents, the Muslim father and the Christian mother did a fairly good job because he became a programmer for a big sugar company in California until he left them for his money making scheme.

Walid was never brainwashed by his parents.  He made up a nice tale.  Once Rabbi Simon asked Walid why didn’t you put more Bible prophecy in your book “Why I left Jihad” and less about yourself then he remarked “Ah people like to hear a sob story”.  Of course Mr Walid basically it sells well.  So you can see why he made the sob story.  Hence why Rabbi Simon does not focus his entire life about his testimony because it brings tears to his eyes how he lost his precious family but to this man its just a sob story.  Of course it is because he has made his ALL up.

Walid scammed his brothers out of their inheritance money from his grand father and grandmother that would have gone to them. In retrospect it was siphoned off by Walid asking his grandmother to sell her house worth $400,000 then give him the money and move in with them.  By deceiving his grandmother, he out did his brothers who are after him for his blood for this very reason to this day.  He tells everyone that they want to kill him because he is a Christian.  This is not true; they want to kill him because of the family inheritance that they are fighting over and he stole. If what he was speaking about was true, it would be one thing but making up stories and telling them would cause his other family embarrassment.  Calling yourself a terrorist would bring this kind of shame into respectable Muslim families.

Think about it, even in the Muslim culture, respectable families do not want to be labeled terrorists. It is seen as a black mark, so this is what he has been doing since his conversion because it affects the future of the other children in the family. Like when they go to college and when children are married by arranged marriages. Moderate Muslim families would not want them to marry into families of terrorists.

Walid Salameh was clearly divorced by his Palestinian wife because he would beat her up, he had psychological issues and was/is a control freak. He was an abusive man hence why she could not live with him any longer.  What Walid has not told you is that before he got married to his present Mexican wife (we will not publish her name) he married a Jewish woman and he used to beat her black and blue too, until she also divorced him. Last we heard, the ex-Jewish wife was living in Washington, and even she will confirm that his so called terrorist past was a hoax.  Walid claims to have apologized to her for his abusive past.

Anyone who has spoken out against Walid at anytime has been threatened and intimidated as the evidence here suggests and speaks for itself.  These clearly are not the actions of a man trying to serve God but one who lives in his own fantasy world of rock stardom.  Well Mr Walid, Rabbi Simon Altaf is not scared of you or your phoney threats or of your stooges such as Joel Richardson and Keith Davies aka (Qalman) underhanded tactics, because he is a real man who will die for his beliefs in the Torah for YHWH and he does not need two bodyguards with him when he goes places! 

For Simon, YHWH is his Rock and his Shield not $$$ or fame!!!

2Sa 22:3 “My Elohim is my rock, I take refuge in Him, My shield and the horn of my deliverance, My high tower and my refuge. My Saviour, You save me from violence.

[Note:  I will strongly encourage you to ask Mr Salameh what does he do with the money that he takes in, since he claims to be helping people. Then let him prove who he helped and by how much, ask him to show you his accounts for the last four years.  You will find there is no accountability and it is all a front geared to making money using the media. That is the newspapers, TV and radio] To date there is no help given to any family especially his claims about Pakistan are false.

Why do such things?

To us it appears that Walid’s behaviour is systematic double personality disorder if it can be classified as such.

·        Pretending to be a woman and then slandering another woman or having a bad hair day with her. 

·        Claiming to beat an Israeli general up though most of you would not know about this, does he look like someone who could beat an Israeli army trained General?

·        Claiming to be a member of a Terrorist organization.

·        He does not like it if other people tell him what he says is not true.  This has happened at events where he puts down the people for asking the most harmless question.

We want to point out that if you were the delivery boy for a PLO front trying to be a hero so what is the big deal as many young kids do this thing in Israel to prove a point of heroism, our point being that he may have been the poster boy but to make yourself out to be a bomber is a tad stretch too far.

The only person who would bother to do such things would be either one who was one and his evidence is verifiable or he is out to make money.

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May God be with you all.

Rabbi Simon Altaf