African-Israel Report on This Slanderer (Beware of such people)


@James and his most recent conduct on social media


As a Rabbi, a Torah scholar, a father, a teacher, and a husband. I am a moral/legal citizen of the UK and US. I have never committed any criminal offence, I have held very high standard of my profession in both my personal and professional life. I am a valued member in my society, I respect the leaders of the nations where I live.


We are taught by God to; “Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the Gate…Amos 5:15”. We cannot allow evil men to continue to spew hatred and lies, hence this is the strongest rebuke to these individuals to stop or face justice in this world and lose the place in the world to come.


We are held under the highest Torah standard to the moral obligation in the society where we live. It is obvious that famous people have many enemies so one cannot be surprised about invented stories to defame or discredit individuals for personal aggrandizement.


Rabbis, who study the Torah and the compilers of the Mishna, Talmud, Mishneh Torah, acquired their wisdom from God in different ways in service to the people concerned. Rabbis often disagree about principle and application of commandments in the Torah but still hold a respect for each other even in disagreement.


When RAMBAM Rabbi Moses wrote The Guide to the Perplexed he was held as a very controversial figure. Many were upset with his writings such as Rabbi Samson Ben Abraham known as the RASH. He condemned RAMBAM’s view on rationality, bodily resurrection and Talmudic Halacha, siding with his opponents.  However that did not prevent RAMBAM becoming famous in discourse holding his composure in his discussions. Rabbi Samson even disputed Rabbi Abulafia, it didn’t mean he was correct or not correct. The Rabbi Abraham ben David known as the RABAD was very critical of the RAMBAM but once again it was common for Rabbis to sharply disagree with each other but they did not raise up false stories or personal agendas as is seen in this case of James Jones.


Rabbis can and do have disagreements with others but they do it within the parameters of the Torah. However here we are not dealing with a person who either understands our halacha or Torah laws, he is fixated on his animal nature, thinking just because his friends are elating him, somehow he has credibility. In my opinion, he does not have the fundamentals of Moral Torah nor any of his acquaintances.


People think that having several thousand users on Facebook as friends or getting tweets from buddies and headlines on twitter gives them credibility, however this is not so. In the real world, that we live in things are not always black and white, there are many grey areas and we have to deal with them practically and sensibly within the given moral parameters of the Torah upholding human dignity as the highest standard. These people really advocate we stone homosexuals to death, I advocate mercy and justice as the Torah does not apply to the gentiles so stoning any member of public is forbidden. They lack understanding of the mishnah that does not apply to gentiles.



This person’s words that come out of his mouth show his mental capability, need I say more.


What is a wicked student?


Psalm 1:1 Happy is the man that does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the Halaka (way) of transgressors, nor sits in the seat of the scornful.


This is what RAMBAN the great Jewish Torah Scholar had to say on a wicked student.


A fundamental dichotomy between a student of the Torah and the wicked is presented in Psalm 1. The student of the Torah follows God’s advice, as it is present in the Torah, whereas the wicked invents his own counsel, sins, and scorns. The student of Torah is likened to the tree, while the wicked is likened to the chaff, which the wind carries away. The wicked is not founded in the ground as a tree; the wicked is rootless. The student of the Torah (tree) is planted by the rivers of waters and draws its sustenance from the waters with the result that it bears signs of everlasting life and fertility, cf.  The leaves and the fruit.


The wicked, on the other hand is rootless and shall perish when he falls victim to the wind. Cf. The way of the angry God is in the wind. For humans there are two ways, the way of the righteous and the way of the sinners. These two ways run within the universe and how the four elements of the universe host the response according to God’s will.


In view of the present situation and conduct of this person, I am going to briefly address the circumstances.


James aka Uncle Yahqub is a sick man on medication and needs medical help for which he should seek the medical authorities. I feel sorry for him that he has taken to social media to air his grievances as an angry man, rather than to come to me and resolve his personal issues. He does not present a single verse of Torah in his entire diatribe, which should be noted.


When a person attacks another and they don’t have anything of value then they try and invent stories to attack that person with adhominim, which is what we are witnessing with James such as inventing illusionary stories.


All his claims that he makes, do not require a response because they are not based on Torah or halacha so I will not respond to such falsifications and misrepresentations.


My work of the Torah, the Tanak and my 18 plus years of ministry are before the world to judge. The number of books that I have personally written to help so many people out there to gain understanding for truth irrespective of their faith and the translation of the Torah, the whole Bible that I completed in 2009 after ten years of study and reflection of our present scriptures. This can be seen at I am the foremost prophecy and Torah teacher in the world, who has written regarding prophecy since in 2003, which can be tested of what I wrote was false or true.



James had contacted me earlier last year 2015 to become my student and to study Torah with me. I had invited him to study with me in my house at agreed terms by both parties.


He didn’t come as planned and was delayed, but when he did arrive I had already made plans to travel.


When I conducted the seminars in Texas he was invited to study there for the Rabbinic studies. We have a very high code of conduct as Rabbis and teachers that we must adhere to, unfortunately for James aka Unc Yahqub, he did not adhere to our Torah code and was cautioned on two occasions to which he was upset after which he became disgruntled and started behaving erratically without communicating to me why his behavior had changed (This could be due to his illness or jealousies arising in his heart). He went about doing Lashorn Hara (Evil Speech) and eyn Hara (Evil Eye) without any due regard to his teachers.


I demoted him from the rabbi position due to the fact that he started airing all sorts of conspiracy theories regards myself, my family and America in general, stories made up by him on social media, editing my videos to make me look bad.


This is how he conducts himself on social media





One can see what he writes above himself and his wife.


He cites that he dislikes or hates homosexuals and wants to stone them saying that my teaching for mercy and compassion for homosexuals is way off.


Yet this very man makes the following comments on social media;


This is how this person speaks about the first lady below with his foul remarks; Is this the language of an alleged Torah teacher, who does not know how to conduct himself in public? This is why this man could not be a Rabbi or Torah teacher for African-Israel.



James Relationship causing Chaos

It appeared to me from day one that James had a number of issues at home with his wife, their relationship and his conduct with her family in general that I could not understand, why it was like that but now I understand that it was due to his mental instability. It is clear from his postings, although he calls himself a disabled Vet, seeking sympathy, he has really no regard for this country, the leadership of this country, trashing President Obama in his social interactions and as can be seen his disrespect towards the First Lady in office. Not to mention he dislikes his entire family on his wife’s side too calling them names.


He had approached me for my opinion, which I offered him freely for his present wife and situation. He had desired to take a second wife, but his wife had told him earlier that if he took another wife she would divorce him.  He had been advised by myself due to many issues with him it wasn’t a good idea to talk about taking a second wife, which could cause severe conflict in the home.


In my teachings on plural marriage I have stated many times not to approach the subject lightly unless you are very mature in Torah, financially capable and satisfy all parties.


In the midst of our second rabbinic training in Texas, he decided to tell his wife of the situation of his new second wife that he had desired to acquire, which he had been earlier warned not to do so. She did not take this news with happiness and went into depression, was hospitalized in Texas, subsequently having a nervous break down as a result.  She refused to eat until he dropped his idea of the second wife threatening to kill herself. She contacted her parents and made it known that James was about to take a second wife and she was against it. He threatened her to stop her parents interfering or else.


He came to me asking for prayers for his wife. He then seeing his wife was not going to allow him to take the second wife, he disposed of the idea of the second wife, although he was constantly in touch with the woman he had espoused to marry and bring into his town. This clearly shows this man had no regard for Torah training, his wife or anyone else around him as he was too preoccupied in his paramour liaison.


His mindset was that the new lady was his shalom (his peace and his soul mate).


The second woman after being told to leave wrote to me crying that James had made her many promises and had led her astray, while she had made plans to leave her city to be with him on his instructions.


Here is an excerpt of her email:


Hello, Yahcub told me a lot about what was going on and I           don't want anything to do with him because he pursued me and lead me on had me thinking we were about to get married then he called himself releasing me. I have never been so hurt because I changed a lot of my plans for him and he played me.


As can be seen we are dealing with an individual who has personality disorder as well. One minute he calls himself her husband and the next minute he divorces her sending her away and plays his psychosis.


James is suffering from a number of illnesses and therefore he is not mentally stable to carry on as a Rabbi or to be in a position to teach Torah that requires a stable and wise mind. I would caution not to follow this man or any of his friends. Anyone that follows him will do so at their own detriment.


He has presented nothing in his tirade against me that regards Torah, or halacha, not a single verse.  He is wicked student who will suffer for his sins that he has committed. He has spent an enormous amount of negative energy and time constructing his little fiasco trying to attack my character; unfortunately he is a miserable failure as I don’t depend on people to serve God. I will continue to serve God irrespective of his psychotic disorder.


James’s friend Andreas had a conversation with a senior Rabbi at African-Israel.


He posted the false information claiming that what was posted was not lashon hara or evil speech. Yet people like Andreas are not even capable to understand the difference of evil speech and dialog.


Rabbi Coalesce responded as follows:



Shalom Andres. Whatever issues that has gone on between yourself, Yaqub and H'Kohen and possibly others, should have been brought up initially with him and then with Chief Rebbe Keifa and myself being judges in AI, together with H'Kohen if there was no remedy. If that had occurred, whatever issues needed to be ironed out could have been ironed out. Another thing, bringing issues up to the public media is lashon hara and eyin hara along with a myriad of other aveiras and ultimately we will be judged by H'Shem. No one came to myself personally to speak of any issues, and I do not know if any issues were brought to Chief Rebbe, but things were taken into the public eye, in a manner which is gravely against Torah, against H'Shem's dictates, precepts and statutes. This page in which you sent me breaks many Torah precepts i.e. murder of the tongue or the written word and many others. It shows that you all do not understand some basic Torah precepts and the fear of H'Shem is lacking greatly by promoting it. It is against H'Shem , and indeed quite scary when we go against H'Shem's commandments, because we make ourselves enemies of H'Shem. Remember, we are in this world just temporarily without being promised another second to even make t'shuva, and eternity is forever, and H'Shem's judgments are indeed according to His Commandments. The way of these actions are the ways of the goyim. I would suggest that you and all who are involved with these aveiras/sins, take down these websites as soon as possible, make a public apology in the same manner if not greater than what was put out of the lashon hara, make t'shuva (repentance), speak with H'Kohen or bring it up to the judges of AI, and H"Kohen, come to some type of conclusion and go your separate ways if need be. That is just my suggestion. That is the only solution in my eyes according to Torot, and I may be missing something as well. Shalom


Andres Valcarcel


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Andres Valcarcel

Halahaj is very clear to make it public if there is no repent so sorry

Doing my job in torah

You don' t know nothin unfortunately of what I saw with my own eyes


---   This man goes on to lie on record that he saw everything with his own eyes yet this man lives in Puerto Rico and has never been in Florida even once and only met Rabbi Simon in the seminar in Texas.


The question is how could he see everything with his own eyes? One can tell how smart he is, believing everything told to him by one side and not making any investigation from the other side if what was said was truth. He is a typical blind judge, making judgment one sided, while the accuser was never asked, did you commit this crime.


Since we are not dealing with Hebrews but Hamites here one has to understand, it is the same people who enslaved Israel in the past on false pretense. They think more words means they are right, it’s not like that.


One can see these people are wayward Christians who were disgruntled with their churches, ignorant of Torah and moral laws. Rabbi Co told this man he must bring it to Rabbi Simon the accused and ask him to clarify, of course he refused to do so, you only bring it to the judges when the accused has been tried by local witnesses but he refused to do so. One can see his actions are totally off base, he runs around based only on his friendship to James and Co.



As can be seen Andreas makes mishnah like some kind of holy text when it is the opinions of many Rabbis gathered together by Judah Ha Nasi. This proves this is another ignorant man. The Mishnah was never used to judge gentiles outside the land of Israel in our history and that can be verified throughout our history. We had homosexuals in Egypt in the ancient past, note God never told us to stone them to death and we have no record of such.



-- So his fight is about his friend being hurt, not what was done by who.


These people are not Hebrews, they are gentiles. One must be leery of such people who run around gossiping and tale-bearing.


We’Yikra (Leviticus) 19:16 You shall not go up and down as a slanderer among your people: neither shall You stand against the blood of your neighbour: I am Hashem.


One can see the actions of these ignorant and wicked men!


Email from my wife;



If you are so disgruntled you are welcome to take the case to the Beyth Din at African-Israel in my absence to the two judges and they can deal with your gripe but since you have shown disrespect to Rabbi Kefa and to Rabbi Coalesce, you have nothing to stand on, lech be’Shalom to your destruction.


In the end I have one question for you only;


What does any of these actions taken by you have to do with The Torah of Moses?  What Torah substance do you bring to the Table of Shalom?   Name Calling, Slander, and Tale bearing is not the audience for a Torah Teacher to reason with you!  So we recite the Shema Israel, H’shem Elohenu, H’shem Achad, we Petition to the King and we go and mediate on that understanding.  MAY HIS NAME AND KINGDOM BE FOREVER PRAISED!!!