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A lot of people are searching for truth and how to be successful in life in general. This book details the exact formula needed to be successful which has been obscured by many religious teachings while the Bible teaches these truths clearly that is not taught by mainstream Churches to keep mankind in a fog. If you want to be rich, successful, win the lottery, anything you desire is at your fingertips with the right method presented in this book, failure is no longer an option!!

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Would you like to know the identity of Yahushua's family the man you call Jesus? Did He have brothers and sisters, did He get married, and are not Rabbis meant to marry? Is it true if Mary Magdalene was His wife and if not then what relationship did she have with him? Are you fed-up of hearing objections from unbelievers such as “since you do not know who Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were then how can you claim to have the truth?” Now you will know the truth without asking your pastor. Who was Nicodemus and what relationship did Yahushua, Jesus of Nazareth have with Nicodemus? Who was the wider family of Yahushua? Do you want to know the powerful family of Yahushua that was a threat to Rome? Who were Mark, Luke, and Matthew? Was Luke a gentile? What about the genealogy of Luke and Matthew in which the two fathers of Yahushua mentioned are Heli or Jacob?

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Released 1 August 2014...Have you ever tried praying and find that either your prayers take very long time to answer or they don't get answered at all? In frustration you ask other friends to pray for you in hope that you may get an answer from God soon.
I have given considerable thought about the condition of our people and how many languish in poverty, in situations where they seek for help because they are given false dogmas, put in religious bondage and slavery of the mind and heart.

Many times they make their own lives harder because they have spent so much time in the nations that they just want to live like the gentiles and not Hebrew as they are unaware how to benefit themselves that await them. I know it can be a lonely road at times. Our Abbah in the heavens feels our pain while we live in exile He sends the Em Chomah to be with us. He longs for us to return back to the contracts that we may receive all the increases and benefits that are only meant for us.

However we pass our life by with this that and the other person who gives us no joy but we think maybe if we carry on suffering things will change for the better but things NEVER change. This book was written to help for a time such as this to better the lives of our people. To empower them with the right petitions to give them benefits and increases in employment, love, marriage and sickness. This will help you break the spells of witchcraft, dealing with jealous people around you and personal anger issues. This will help you deal with demonic presences in your homes. This will show you how to receive a timely answer to all your prayers. I have used these methods for my students all over the world which have proven successful for them and have greatly benefited them.

It takes many generations for a right-ruling priest to be born in our generations. How many generations our people have suffered the scourge of the curses for not obeying the Torah? Many are still suffering. The Most High is going to raise his priests one by one until we get our restoration complete. Rabbi Simon is of the priestly family born to help his people.

The Kohen is meant to be a benefit to the people of Y’sra’el and is one of the person's that has been given the authority to stand between the heavenly court and the earthly realm. Christian clergy has been lying to you for so long that you don’t know what is good for you anymore. The Melekzadek priest’s job is not to stand between the heaven and earth as you have been wrongly taught, his job is to be a King and serve justice on the earth with the Torah. While the Christian clergy teaches everyone can be a Melekzadek this is not the truth. Only the Kings of Israel can by right hold that title, its not for anyone else.

There is only one everlasting priesthood and that is the Lewitical one. This book has been writing by a Lewtical priest, its time you reap the benefits so decide wisely. Even if you are a gentile looking to become part of Israel by conversion the opportunity is open to you to obey the Torah and join us.

I want you all to benefit and to receive what rightly belongs to you.

I could have sold this book for $100 a piece because everything in this manual would forever change your life once you put it in practice but I decided not to do that as my purpose was not that.

However this book is kept at a low price not for $100, no, not even $50 but for a price of $27 only this will forever change the way you think and pray. I am practically giving this away for you to better your lives.


5.0 out of 5 stars I'm going to have to read this book TWICE, ... 20 Aug 2014
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I'm going to have to read this book TWICE, because it is SO ENLIGHTENING, that I can't WAIT to get to the NEXT SENTENCE! I lie NOT, I have learned more about the Hidden things in Scripture, in the first 15 pages, than I did my 19 years spent in Twistedanity/Christianity!!! Ha Kohen, Rabbi Simon Altaf is TRULY CONNECTED to the YHWH and the Shamayim above!!! GET THIS BOOK.......NOW!




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Who am I?

A Children's book to help the black Hebrew children with identity and direction in life. Many Hebrew children while looking for identity easily stray. While they search for love they end up in gangs to prove themselves and search for that missing something. When they do not find love in their homes due to broken homes often venturing out with devastating consequences, getting involved in criminal activities to prove themselves ruining their lives. This book’s purpose is to help these children and even adults find themselves to teach them who they are and to find sound direction in life to secure you to the God of our ancestors where you belong.  This will help change many lives.

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African-Israel Transliterated Siddur Large Font Size

Many times we wonder what prayers should we do when we go to bed, when we leave our home in the morning and how do we pray daily? What prayer should I do if I have a ritual bath? What prayer is for affixing a Mezuzah? Each year you wonder how to do the Passover Aggadah and what is the procedure. This book also covers women’s niddah laws to give you understanding into women’s ritual purity. Unlike other prayer books Rabbi Simon actually bothers to explain small details that are important and often ignored. The text has transliterated Hebrew for beginners. This is one book you should not be without.

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The Scroll of Yahubelim (Jubilees)

The information that is missing in the Torah has been put in here to aid us in understanding the book of Genesis more. There are gaps in Genesis with what happened with Noach? What was going on in Moses's time. This scroll allows us to piece together that information that is so important for our understanding. True names edition with many corrections made.

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How will the genetic Hebrews be taken back to the land? Are the present day Jews in Y’sra’el of ancient stock? Is there any prophecy of foreigners invading Y’sra’el and inhabiting the land? How will Elohim have war with Amalek and wipe them out and who is Amalek today? Why is the Church so confused about bible prophecy?

How will the end come and how will the Y’sraelites go back home? Is this via the rapture or marching back on foot? What happens if we die in our exile? And many more questions answered.  The time has come to remove the errors of gentiles teachers.

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What Else Have They Kept From Us?

This book is as the result of an e-mail conversation with a believer who asked me some questions and one of her questions upon my answer was “What else have they kept from us?” This was the question that led to this book because instead of answering people with small sections of answers I decided the time had come that a book had to be written to answer and address everything as it happened from the start to the end so that many may see that the deception is real and it’s a deep cunning deception which starts from your TV screens, in your newspapers followed by wherever you go in your daily life.  How would a person know that they are being deceived if they do not know what to look for? Its like a Ten Pound note well if you saw the original then you have something to compare the false note with but what if you were never presented with the original and always had the fake in your pocket then you will likely think the fake is real and this is how it is with Christianity today that is simply mixing paganism with truth. A false Ten pound note or a bad tender which will give you no value when you redeem it as I uncover it in the pages of this book. Who was Yahushua, the real Hebrews and Ysrael.

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World War III - Salvation of the Jews

-> How will the salvation of the Jews come about, will they convert to Christianity or will Christianity be folded into Judaism?

 -> Will the 3rd Temple be built before the return of the Messiah? Analyzed and explained with the correct sound hermeneutics.

-> Will we have a war with Iran and when? Considering the pundits have been wrong since the last 3 years and only Simon has been on track up to this time.  What signs will absolutely indicate impending war with Iran calculated and revealed.

-> When will the Messiah return, what signs should we be looking for, is it on a Jubilee year? 

-> Will the Messiah return on the feast of Trumpets fact or fiction?

-> Will America win the war in Afghanistan? Yes and No answer with details.

-> Who is the prince of Ezekiel and why is he making sin sacrifices. Can one call these educational? Read the correct answers...

-> Should we support the Jewish Aliyah to Israel or is it forbidden to enter the land for permanent stay under a secular godless government?

Rabbi Simon looks at the thorny issues that no one has addressed to date while many people mostly run with popular churchy opinions colored by bad theology by picking and choosing verses in isolation.  Is modern Zionism biblical? Is Israel right to take over territories occupied by Palestinians today?  Should people be selling up homes to go and live in Israel? All these questions and even more answered in this book the sequel to the popular prophecy book World War III - Unmasking the End-Times Beast. 


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Book of Yashar

The book of Yashar has been translated from the original sources and with added commentary, corrected names of Elohim with the sacred names and with other missing text from the Hebrew.  This will add to the gaps in your knowledge from the book of Genesis such as the following:

è    What did the wicked do before the flood?

è    Who were Abraham’s African ancestors?

è    Did Abraham have two wives?

è    What relationship did Abraham have with Eli’ezer?

è    Did Isaac wait forty years to be married?

è    Why did Sarah die so suddenly?

è    Did Moses marry in Egypt?

è    Moses, what colour? White or Black.

è    Many other questions now answered.

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What ethnicity was Yahushua and what race of people did He belong to? Is it important that we know His ethnicity? What colour was Moses, King David and King Solomon? We examine and look at the massive fraud perpetrated upon the western nations by their leaders to hide the real identity of the true Hebrew Israelite people and race which are being restored in these Last Days.  Yahushua said everything will be restored and that includes His and His people’s ethnicity and colour. Would you like to know because it affects your eternity and His true message then get this book now.

Testament of Abraham

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Find out important details of what happened to Abraham and how was he visited by the angels. Hard words described, commentary supplied and in true names.

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The books of Enoch details the fall, the names of the angels, what happened in the beginning and what was the result of those fallen angels. Where are they now and what will happen to them. He also reveals the birth of Noach and some very important details around this about the African ancestry of the patriarchs.  And many other important details to complete your knowledge.


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Have you ever asked why the feasts were given to Israel?  Their meaning and their purpose is all explained in this detailed book that delves into the signs of the Messiah and the fulfillment of the feasts and how the return of the Messiah is revealed in the feasts.

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Read the fifteen books of the Apocrypha to get an understanding of the events both of the exile and of Israel’s early history. Read Ethics of the Fathers to understand rabbinic wisdom and some important elements of the story of Genesis. The tests, the trials and the miracles of the Temples.  Without these books the story in the bible is incomplete and has gaps which these books will fill up and give you a more complete understanding.






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